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Wholesale / Bulk Purchases

Simply open an account by clicking on Sign In and follow the instructions to register for an account and all the Wholesale / Bulk sizes and prices will be shown.  This is a simple process and will enable you to keep track of the orders you place when you are signed in as well as make Wholesale purchasing available. *Please note: Only orders placed when you are signed in will show on your account.

OLIVE OIL has arrived.  Check out Principe Di Gerace under carrier oils.  USDA Certified Organic this olive oil from Italy is the BEST! Currently we are offering a 10% discoiunt on cases of 500 and 1000ml bottles.  Shipping charges apply for cases of olive oil. You will be notified of the amount of the shipping charges via email.

Sample Policy at Appalachian Valley Natural Products
Over the years our sample policy has changed several times.  This has mostly been due to rising cost of oils coupled with bottles, labels and labor.  Now after much consideration we have a new policy for samples and here it is.  Please, limit the samples to 1 of each oil per customer.  This includes the free samples as well as the expensive samples.

All of our samples will contain three tenths (3/10s) of a milliliter

We offer three (3) FREE samples with every order.  Oil samples of $.75 per sample will qualify for free samples. You can choose three samples when you place your order by adding them to the cart (the sample size is the first size listed) and a discount will be given for the samples down by the subtotal and total fields on the order or we will send 3 miscellaneous samples with your order. Please refrain from requesting samples in the comment section of the order. 

Expensive oils such as Sandalwood, Rose, Ledum etc. will always have a small charge as compared to the actual price of the oil.  These same (expensive) oil samples will be limited to ONE per customer of each sample ordered.  You will notice that if you purchased four of the expensive oils the cost would be less than one ml bottle of the same oil yet you would have 1.2ml.  This is why we limit the number of expensive oil samples per customer to one. 


WHY do we offer samples below our cost?   Because we want you have the opportunity to sample these wonderful oils at a very low and affordable price.  Yes, this is a cost of our doing business and always has been.  Over the past few years suggestions from our customers to have more oil in a sample bottle and for us to put an end of the abuse of sample purchases have lead us to make this necessary change in our sample policy.  We are doing our best to make it better. My hope is that we will all benefit from this change.  
The difference between retail (ml) and wholesale (ounce) bottles:

Our retail bottles (ml) have reducers.  Our ounce size bottles do not have reducers. We do have eye droppers for purchase
in our SUPPLIES tab for our customer's convenience.



We are doing our best to make all this information available on the web site. I just ask if there is something you need and it is not available that you please bring it to our attention.  Thank you.  John

Cold Pack & Insulated Box for Summer/Warm Climate Shipments Now Available.  Check out our Cold Pack under Supplies!
Special Boxes and insulated liners with Cold Packs so your products will not over heat.  We do not guarantee the product will be 
cold upon arrival but it will not over heat.