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FREE Domestic / Shared Int'l Shipping

Domestic Shipping is FREE with a minimum order of $35, (Shared Shipping may apply to Alaska and Hawaii, use procedure below for shipping rates).

International Shared Shipping:  How does Shared Shipping work?  

If you want to know how much it will cost to ship your International order and you want to see how much of the total cost we will share, please do the following. 

Place your order and when checking out select the Check/Money order option for payment (or you can pay for the order in full with PayPal or a credit card and receive a refund for the shared shipping).  This will generate an order that we can review.  It will also enable us to obtain the shipping cost.  We will calculate the shipping, and send you an email stating the amount we will share of the cost. You then get back to us accepting or declining our offer.(Please email us back as quickly as possible. You will receive the shared shipping email within 24-48 hours of when the order was placed. The exception is if the order is placed after we close Friday or over the weekend.) When you accept, you give us a payment option and we process your order.  Should you decline, we simply cancel the order.  

Does AVNP have a minimum order requirement? No, AVNP does not have a minimum order requirement: However: Our credit card clearing company does have a $5 minimum order requirement.  Making folks buy something they might not want in order to get something they do want doesn't strike us as being the best way to win their hearts and minds - and their future business. You can order any dollar amount you wish.  If that amount is below $5 you will have to use the Check/MoneyOrder method of payment.  Also if your order is $35 or more you will receive FREE SHIPPING on Domestic orders

Please note:  Domestic orders (including international orders shipping to freight forwarders within the United States) that qualify for free shipping and shipping to the same address, are shipped in one package.  If you require the orders to ship separately, shipping charges will need paid on one of the orders or you can choose a shipping method on one of the orders and pay the shipping when you place the order. Please put a note in the comment section of the orders that the orders need to ship separately. Thank you.